Thousands of graduates are unemployed every year, but at the same time, almost all organisations (in every domain) are continuously facing shortage of skilled workers. The country needs more doctors, scientists, teachers, farmers, electricians, artists, journalists, lawyers, accountants and nurses. Allcareerguru.com was founded with the aim to bridge the gap between this demand and supply.

This supply-demand is compounded by the fact that higher education in the country has grown tremendously in the last 30 years with very specialized institutes and programs, with varied quality. And there are multiple avenues to learn including from online lectures, videos and wikis.

See the statement by Tamil Nadu finance minister in this video about the dire need for career counselling.

Our target audience include students and parents and our objectives include

  • Bringing experts in various domains to share their journeys and experiences,
  • offering detailed and quality information on degrees and programs,
  • offering individual counselling,
  • making available useful resources for their careers.

so that students make informed choices on their careers and develop essential skill sets!