Paths to success through 21st century skills

Mr. G. Rengan is a prominent motivational speaker and a columnist at various publications. He retired as AGM with Indian Overseas Bank

I applied for a new job that matches my skills, but will I get the job?

I applied for a job that has 10 vacancies where 1000+ people applied for the same position. What are my chances of getting this job? How do I show difference in my performance to prove I'm more suitable for the job compared to others?

Here are the key traits that an employer looks for in a candidate, and most of the time, these traits are the deciding factors. These are skills not just to get a job, but to sustain in it, and even better to navigate through various steps in personal and professional life.

In this column steered by Raja N., we demystify what an employer looks for in a candidate while hiring - though applicable for both freshers and experienced, these are extremely critical for a fresher, as the technical skills expected is low at that stage. Developing these skills will definitely put you ahead in the race, for almost all kinds of roles you interview.

In this first edition of "Paths to success through 21st century skills" column, Mr. Rengan succinctly outlines those key skills. In our subsequent editions, we will dive deeper into each of these skills in more detail. These skills are not something which can be learnt in a crash course, but needs to be developed over a period of time in a transformational way.

According to researchers, the following are the key skills to succeed for a student/youth:

  1. To know about yourself...EXPLORE THE YOU WITHIN YOU

  2. Communication skills

  3. Interpersonal skills & Team spirit

  4. Emotional intelligence

  5. To think differently

  6. Decision making

  7. Problem solving

  8. Stress management

  9. Time management

  10. Language proficiency

Stay tuned for more in the next edition...